Thursday, December 4, 2008

We don't like journos, brov.

Today in FYP we are listening to the journalist's press releases. Mike started out and came out swinging, endorsing the Green party and their candidate Dixon Mallory. Yes, that's his real name. I didn't know journalists, that actually have no experience or education in the field, had the qualifications to endorse a candidate, but good work! I preferred Charlene's objective style over Colin's sarcastic editorial tone even though he slashed Tim "John Lennon" Beaupre's campaign style. The Whig party's journalist Tumi decided to point out the slow start of our campaign, doing great things for our grades! Kathleen and Emily Wescott went with the evening news style, with the highlight being a Corey Parent quote "Im just in it to beat Veronika."
The rest of the press releases were boring and not worth mentioning.

A report of the mock debate will come later.

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